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Reviews for Eulalia!

I had a wonderful run of Eulalia: A Bedtime Story at FringeNYC; I'm not sure if I can adequately express how much it meant to me. Trying to start an acting career in New York can feel like a constant parade of rejection and disappointment, and it has been so fulfilling – and necessary, on a basic, emotional level – to work on this project over the past few months. This process has been challenging, playful, and cathartic, but perhaps most importantly, it's been a powerful affirmation of my decision to spend the rest of my life telling stories. Performing this show at this point in my life feels like a real gift. It's just what the doctor ordered.

...and getting nice reviews didn't hurt, either! Here are some of my favorite quotes from reviewers:

"While the theme of "Eulalia: A Bedtime Story" is compelling, what makes this show truly special are writer/actress Sarah Cuneo's smart, thoughtful choices for her script, and her sensitive, passionate, graceful performance...the fight to speak one's mind comes up repeatedly and effectively; and the gentle ways women combat authority is conveyed in Cuneo's soft, loving gestures and dancer-like movements...if you want to experience a beautifully written show about a woman's fight for freedom and dignity performed by one of the finest actresses in the festival, come see Sarah Cuneo—who, to my eye, is a star in the making." - Hy Bender,

"Eulalia takes on additional resonance against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement...Cuneo's inspirational account reminds us just how relevant the past can be, both now and in the future." - Theater is Easy

"“Eulalia: A Bedtime Story” is an insightful and emotional performance by Sarah Cuneo. She portrayed the turmoil felt by the Infanta of Spain, the last surviving child of Queen Isabella II, as she contemplated her future and that of her sons. Ms. Cuneo beautifully showed us how the Princess of Spain came to terms with herself, realizing she “is not merely royalty, she is Eulalia.”" – All About Solo

"If this is the future of theatre in America we are in wonderful hands." – Christian Ely, director, audience member

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